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Welcome to Yattas

Unless you are searching for a rather odd song, my guess is that you found this website because you have my email and you are wondering where it came from. Yattas was originally a technology startup, but it did not pan out as expected (apparently not all startups become huge). For better or for worse I kept the domain to blog about random topics that matter to me.Although probably not necessary, the drop-downs filter content as follows:

  • Wellness: Evidence-based knowledge to nurture your body, mind and spirit.
  • ED&I: Thoughts about equality, diversity and inclusion (it is way more important that just "good business").
  • Geek Stuff: Assorted things I enjoy doing.


- Gerardo

Gerardo in the baltic
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Jess : Hahaha, you caught me! I was trying to find out what Yattas was.

Ling : Hi Gerardo, I loved the mindfullness article

Sam : LOL!

Prasad : Dude! When are you loading more music videos?

Steve : Good content. I suggest you add dates to your articles. Thanks

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