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Is sleeping necessary? Is sleeping necessary? - A good night's sleep keeps you healthy and sharp.
We are all accountable We are all accountable - Achieving equality is our responsibility
Red or white? Red or white? - It's best to avoid alcohol. If you drink, limit your intake to three drinks each week.
Unity Unity - Spirituality may enhance physical, psychological and cognitive well being.
What does it mean to be hispanic? What does it mean to be hispanic? - Our diverse backgrounds enrich us. Celebrate your heritage!
Mood for a day Mood for a day - Playing one of my favorite Yes songs
Broccoli? Broccoli? - WHO lists processed meat as carcinogenic.
Mac to life Mac to life - Restoring a 25 year old Mac Plus.
Inner peace Inner peace - Mindfulness meditation improves quality of life.
Cloud robot Cloud robot - Controlling an IoT robot accross the world.
Working out Working out - People from all ages can benefit. Adults should get at least 150 minutes of moderate exercise a week.